Saturday, 19 January 2019

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14 Aug

Floor Barre- Prenatal Workout for all Trimesters

In this quick video floor barre class for pregnant women; without leaving the floor ,you will enjoy the combination between stretching and toning your whole body , using simple ballet exercices

13 Aug

Prenatal Ultrasound

Ultrasound (also known as sonogram) is used in pregnancy to examine the developing baby Ultrasound uses sound waves that reflect off the baby to generate a picture In the first trimester of pregnancy the detail that can be seen in ultrasound is limited due to the small size of the […]

13 Aug

Prenatal Development

When we talk about prenatal development, you’ll notice that we talk about typical and atypical development We have to first understand what typical development is so that we can more easily spot development that has not progressed as expected Some parents know their children isn’t developing as expected before birth […]

13 Aug

Pregnancy Stretches | 7 Min Prenatal Pilates Stretches with Tamara Newell

Tamara Newell: Hey mamas! Tamara here Today, I have a seven minute prenatal stretch video for you And make sure you stay ďż˝til the very end of the video, where I have some little extra tips for you to stay nice and limber while you're pregnant Stay tuned! [Music] Tamara: […]

12 Aug

Prenatal Massage OK at 37 weeks?

Hey guys this is Michelle here at Lumina Massage and i'm here at Facebook Live and i just finished a workout hence the workout clothes and the ponytail so glad you can join me for today so let's hop right into it shall we? so before we get started I […]

12 Aug

Pure Balance: Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Did you know that you can find a Prenatal Specialist in Chiropractic care? Have you wondered why Chiropractic would benefit you in pregnancy? Hi, I'm Dr Michael Magwood from the Pure Balance Center in Clifton I'm currently engaging in my second research project with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association We're […]

12 Aug

Boosting Prenatal Development Giveaway | CloudMom

Hi everybody, I'm Melissa and welcome back to CloudMom When I was pregnant with each of my five babies, I remember doing everything I could to make sure that my baby would have the right start I thought about the kind of foods I was eating and checked with my […]

12 Aug

Prenatal Development: The Course of Early Development

(whooshing, gleaming) (electronic whirring) (punctuated orchestral music) – Development is a lifespan process that starts with the conception Yes, conception triggers the entire developmental process and is a great example of an individual constraint As you probably know, timing is a critical factor during the fertilization, and 99% of the […]

11 Aug

Week 1 – Prenatal Development

Hi Everybody, welcome to second week of the class This is my dog Chewbaca Um, I just want to say welcome to the class and also talk about what you are going to do this week You are going to be learning about prenatal development Everything you need to read […]

11 Aug

Cat Cow Yoga Pose – Prenatal Yoga

Hello, my name is Kay Metzelaars, i am a Yoga Instructor and i am here at Andes Baby in Effingham to teach you a safe and effective practiceyoga practice that you can perform at any stage in your pregnancy This posture is known as CAT COW, it's combination of 2 […]