Saturday, 19 January 2019

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14 Aug

Community – Lawnmower Maintenance & Postnatal Care

Chomsky, come here Come here, Chomsky (CAT MEOWS) Abed, I'm really sorry ABED: I told you cats don't like me They consider me a competitor because of my natural stealth and ambivalence Uh-oh, did she get high again and forget she doesn't wear contacts? ANNIE: Before Britta moved her cats […]

13 Aug

Clinical depression – major, post-partum, atypical, melancholic, persistent

You’ve probably come out of a particularly sad movie and said something like: "Man, that was depressing" In this case, you’re talking about how, at that moment, the movie made you feel sad, discouraged, hopeless, or anxious You probably wouldn’t say something like: “Man, that movie was clinically depressing” The […]

13 Aug

Support parents as a postnatal practitioner

I work for NCT as a postnatal leader and I've been doing that for about 6 years I love my job I love working with people when they've just had babies and they are trying to cope with everything that has changed in their lives and get head around this […]

13 Aug

Indian Diet After Pregnancy – Simple Things That Every Pregnant Mother Should Know

Hi friends today we are going to see Indian diet after pregnancy tips and discussion south Indian food for pregnancy or Indian diet after pregnancy health, food, and remedies to keep moms healthy 12 days after the delivery mothers should take oil baths preferred is gingelly oil which is normally […]

13 Aug

After Baby Comes — My Post Partum Care Basket

– [Katie] Hey everybody, It's Katie I am a little less than two weeks away from delivering our sweet girl, and I wanted to go through my postpartum stash that I have here in this basket that says, "baby things " It should probably say, "mommy things," because this is […]

13 Aug

Project 2: Leryn Reynolds, PhD on Reducing Postnatal Complications from Maternal Exposures

Leryn Reynolds: My name’s Leryn Reynolds, and I’m a postdoctoral fellow in Dr Kevin Pearson’s lab in the Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences department And, I’ve been at UK, and a part of the Superfund, for a little over a year and a half now  In our lab, we primarily study how […]

13 Aug

Post-Natal: Hope out of Darkness in 60 seconds by Rachel Kelly

– What a really good therapist can do is you can internalize a different voice in your head So you could say I had two kind of clashing voices in my head And I still have them So I have a kind of depressive voice, which is always there which […]

13 Aug

Stress After Pregnancy | Tips To Deal With Stress After Childbirth/Postpartum Stress | Mumsworld

hey guys welcome back to mums world I hope you all had an amazing week there's a saying that giving birth should be a woman's greatest achievement and not her biggest fear when you bring a new life into this world there will be huge changes in your life in […]

11 Aug

Prenatal/Postnatal Care @ Sport and Spine Rehab

Hi, my name is Angie I am actually 28 weeks pregnant with my second boy I came to Sport and Spine Rehab because I was actually having a lot of neck pain and upper trap pain and I also have low back pain now going into my third trimester Hi, […]

10 Aug

New Pilates For Runners & Pre/Post Natal Pilates Reformer Group Classes: Feb: 2018

hey guys, it's Stephen and Allyson from CORE Therapy & Pilates Happy Friday folks, I can't believe it's like almost 6 o'clock in the evening and we're both up here I was about to do this little live video to announce this new group classes and in walks Allyson to […]