Saturday, 19 January 2019

Tag : Post-natal care

13 Aug

Postnatal depression – Dawn’s story to recovery | Bupa

The shock of having a newborn and living in a new area, being in a different country, it was just all Good morninga lot to deal with Nice I felt a sense of dread I felt inadequate It got to a point where I wasn't OK My role as the […]

12 Aug

Florence Leung | Post-partum Depression (PPD) and the Pressure To Breastfeed Faced by New Mothers

On October 25, 2016, a new mother left her home and never came back Three weeks later, it was confirmed that she had committed suicide Her name is Florence Leung Two months have now passed since the body of Florence Leung was found Her husband, Kim Chen, has now posted […]

12 Aug

Better postnatal care – here’s why we need it

I felt abandoned, scared, and terrified Pretty much as soon as I came out of theatre and had Harrison they were telling my husband to go to the labour room to get our stuff out We'd just gone through this massive rollercoaster They didn't seem to give us any time […]

11 Aug

Women’s Health with a focus on Post Natal Care

Hello, I'm Roxy from YogaUni There is something I want to talk about today We can say a brief look at women's health Especially with regard to the women who gave birth There is a great benefit in monitoring all women There is a lot of information on this subject […]

11 Aug

Husband plays games at postnatal care center!

She talked about when our daughter was sick I was never sick as a child I was never sick So I don't understand it You don't understand that a baby is sick? I can't understand that a baby is sick A baby is sick when she's sick What do you […]

11 Aug

Post-Partum Lower Back Pain

New mothers can have strain from carrying their baby in awkward positions This can lead to lower back pain that worsens over time Chiropractic manipulation can be helpful for lower back pain ART is a soft tissue treatment in which the patient performs specific movements while the certified chiropractor applies […]

11 Aug

Closing The Bones (Postnatal Abdominal Massage)

Hi, I’m Liana van Zyl from Liana Doula And today I’m going to talk about a postnatal abdominal massage called Closing The Bones In this session, I’ll explain a bit more about what you can expect from this massage and the benefits of having it done If we did an […]

10 Aug

Community – Lawnmower Maintenance & Postnatal Care

Chomsky, come here Come here, Chomsky (CAT MEOWS) Abed, I'm really sorry ABED: I told you cats don't like me They consider me a competitor because of my natural stealth and ambivalence Uh-oh, did she get high again and forget she doesn't wear contacts? ANNIE: Before Britta moved her cats […]

09 Aug


Hello, I'm Vicky Warr, post natal fitness specialist Thanks for joining me I'm going to show you a couple of my best exercises to help flatten your tummy and strengthen your core after pregnancy Are you ready? Let's get started Lie on your back, arms by your sides, lift your […]

09 Aug

Postnatal Psychosis: The stigma of mothers with mental illness

And that's when the security guards appeared and that's when I thought, my God this is really quite big My name's Amanda Walsh and I'm nervous -Sorry -It's okay I'll pretend the camera's not there What are you nervous about? That I'm not gonna do a good job My clan […]