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Postnatal depression – Dawn’s story to recovery | Bupa

Postnatal depression – Dawn’s story to recovery | Bupa
13 Aug

The shock of having a newborn and living in a new area, being in a different country, it was just all Good morninga lot to deal with

Nice I felt a sense of dread I felt inadequate It got to a point where I wasn't OK My role as the husband and the father was to be as supportive as I possibly can

But it's also a little bit difficult toto know exactly what to do when you see somebody that you love having a hard time That's not a great feeling

Oftentimes the mothers who look like they have it all together are the ones who are struggling the most, and I think that's what most people thought about me The Parent-Infant Research Institute developed in partnership with Bupa the Parent-Baby Wellbeing Program, and it's available to families who are expecting or who have a new baby -Hi -How are you this week? -I'm going well, actually -That's great

That's nice to hear Society expects women to have a joyful time after having a baby, and we know that one in 10 women have a reasonably moderate if not severe depression The program helped me to go a little easier on myself, to be kinder to myself Today, we're a completely different family than we were in the beginning We have come together, we've gotten through a hard time, and we're so much stronger

You can recover from postnatal depression if you have the right support network

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