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Post Natal Care

Post Natal Care
13 Aug

A few things: One is it is essential to learn Breastfeeding very well Before you go home from the hospital, you should be confident with Breastfeeding

Breast Care is essential So it is essential to keep your nipples dry and clean Also, in case of any engorgement or clogging of nipples, you might have to go back and meet your doctor So far as food is concerned post natal, you can eat pretty much everything that is cooked at home All vegetables, fruits, a high protein diet will help in getting more milk Post natal exercises are recommended today to get back into shape

They can be started almost immediately post natally If you have had a C-section, it may be better to wait for around 3-4 weeks before starting exercises Abdominal exercises and exercises to keep you fit are recommended Alcohol in moderation is ok Excessive alcohol is not permissible, especially while nursing your baby

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