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After Baby Comes — My Post Partum Care Basket

After Baby Comes — My Post Partum Care Basket
13 Aug

– [Katie] Hey everybody, It's Katie I am a little less than two weeks away from delivering our sweet girl, and I wanted to go through my postpartum stash that I have here in this basket that says, "baby things

" It should probably say, "mommy things," because this is all for me After having our first daughter, I realized that there was a lot probably that I should've done as far as preparing for myself but I didn't really know what to expect and at the end I kind of got a little overwhelmed and I didn't know what to do So these are things that I have learned about and have used myself and so this time I'm going to be prepared When I come home with a brand new baby, I am going to have this stuff ready So, I will talk about these in just a few minutes, but this is a container of Tucks wipes

Tucks wipes are going to be really, really important You're going to want them Take them out, set them down there, leave them in Perfect Tucks wipes are good, so we're going to have those

I have also ordered a Earth Mama Angel Baby I actually really like Earth Mama Angel Baby I haven't tried these yet, but I've read a lot of really great things about them These are postpartum bath herbs and so I'm pretty excited about giving these a try I've got these

I have, if you don't know what this lovely thing is, this lovely pink thing which I actually think that my dad or my husband went out for afterwards This is a sitz bath There's cords or tubes that come with it where you can go really in-depth but if you don't want to, that's fine You just set it on the toilet, put some nice warm water in there Add Epsom salts which I have big bag of, and just kind of hang out for a little while and soak, and it is glorious

So this will be here waiting for me when I get home with my Epsom salt, which also when you get ready to take a bath or you're okay to take a bath, dumping a bunch of Epsom salts in the bath is also really helpful, too So I have the big bag for that reason This is not even close to how many of these I have, but I thought that I would just bring these out here I've definitely got some pads, like the overnight and then I have a few of the thin ones for when things start to kind of slow down a little bit So like I said, I definitely have more, but I didn't need to bring them all

So I've got these Now, I don't know if you guys know what these are, but these will be your best friend These are Peri bottles, perianal bottles Spray bottles, basically You don't want to wipe when you come home or when you use the restroom

You don't want to wipe You just don't want to You take one of them out, fill it up with warm water You basically just kind of rinse off and then maybe take a paper towel or a washcloth if that's what you're going to use, and you just very gently blot There's no wiping

You don't want to wipe But these are nice because it helps you feel like, "Okay, everything's getting cleaned and washed," and it definitely helps with feeling a little more fresh, honestly So those, then I have athis type of lanolin, the Medela Tender Care I use this mostly with my daughter I also use some of the Earth Mama Angel Baby which I have here in this bag that I will show you I have a few Earth Mama Angel Baby products in here I have the nipple butter which I am excited to use

– [Daughter] Hi, mommy – Like I said, I mostly use the Medela, but I hear a little princess in my video

She's whispering, so if you're wondering what that is, that's my little sweetpea So anyway, this is the nipple butter which I'm going to be using I'll probably try this first just because, like I said, really like Earth Mama Angel Baby And then this is the Mama Bottom Balm which I used last time and it was amazing It says on the back, "Naturally cooling balm for prenatal hemorrhoids and postpartum soreness

" It's non-toxic, I can pretty much read to you everything that's in herewell, maybe not Some of these are the scientific name, so maybe I could

But I can tell you, I mean, I know what most of these things are because they tell you what it is So it's not, you know, Red No 5 and things that you're kind of like, "Should I be putting down there?" But anyway, I used this last time and loved it and it smells kind of refreshing, a little bit Little bit minty, maybe Hi, pumpkin

Yeah What do you think? Does it smell good or is it stinky? – It smells good – Good – It's the buttery stew – The buttery stew, that's right

Okay So if you want to stay with mama, why don't you come stand here? Or if you want to go sit down over there, you can do that, too You want to sit here? – Yeah – Okay, go ahead Sit here

– And I want to smell the butter – Okay, so that sounds good But I need you to be quiet, okay? All right, now last in this little bag here is the New Mama Bottom Spray Now, I was a little unsure about this the first time because it – Can you please open this? – I can I was a little unsure about this because spraying something? I don't know But it's "naturally cooling perianal mist for prenatal hemorrhoids and postpartum soreness" So you can either spray this directly on your bits or you can spray it onto a pad and it actually kind of has about the same effect

So I'm actually probably going to take this to the hospital with me, but it's here also with me when I get home – Mm It smells like buttery stew – Shh All right, so those are my Earth Mama Angel Baby items

There's just a couple of other things here that I pulled off to the side This one here is the LilyPadz These are silicone nursing pads And this doesn't have so much to do with healing but I do have to tell you that these are probably the most amazing nursing pads that I've found, because it's almost like a contact, actually So it fits right onto your eye, this is about the same

So you take it and you kind of fold it outward, you press it on and then it basically adheres really nicely to your breast And it's great because if there's a little leakage then it actually will hold it there Now, not a lot, so don't go thinking this will save you if you have a lot of letdown or if you're leaking really badly, it won't But for going out it's a really nice option, so these are pretty amazing I have a big box of the ultra thin nursing pads, these are just the disposable ones I'll probably have for sleeping and just being around the house when I don't want to wear these

I usually use these mostly for when I start to venture out of the house So I've got the ultra thin disposable nursing pads that I'm going to have here And then last, but not least Hi Why don't you sit right here? I haven't tried this yet, so I don't know if it's going to work or much about it, but this is a postpartum support shapewear It's a belt and there's, I think, two or three different ways you can wear it When I had her last time, I remember drivingit was a few weeks after having her And I remember driving, sitting in my car and just feeling like my innards were not It just felt like things were just not in the right place They probably weren't, but it just felt weird and I just felt funny inside And I talked to a friend about it and she said, "Well, try a postpartum support belt It kind of helps hold everything in" And so this time around a sweet friend purchased it for me for my baby shower and I'm going to give it a try

I'm really excited about it so I will update you on this at some point on whether or not I thought it was worth it Okay, so there's just a few other things that I wanted to talk about here in my basket I will need to put these back in the freezer really soon, but this is the first batch of padsicles that I have made and I also did a video on how I made them Certainly it's nothing new, but I did do a video on how I made them So I've got about 15 of them, I'll probably make another batch, just so I have a few more

But basically what it is is it's an overnight pad, you open it up, you put Well, what I did is I put witch hazel on it and then I also smeared some aloe vera gel on there and then I just folded them all back up You can see they're nicely in their little wrappers and then they'll fo in the freezer

So I have these which I'm excited about I didn't do this last time so I'm hopeful that they'll work out really well I did something similar, but I didn't do this exactly last time But I was reading through the many, many websites, I found someone talked about using these ladies' Depends because as these start to melt they might get a little drippy, and so I thought, "Well, I don't want to make a mess in my bed" Even though I have prepared for that, I would rather not make a mess in the bed so I purchased some of these ladies' Depends

So my plan is when I get home, I will probably go through these I'll use one of these, and then I'll use this, the ladies' Depends, and then that way it catches everything And then when I'm done I just take it all off and I throw it away I promise I'm usually not a very wasteful person, however, in this situation, this is the way it's going to be So these are the last two things that I wanted to talk about and I hope that you find some of it helpful, and if I remember anything else then I will certainly update you guys

Or if something else pops up after her birth that I wished that I had or that I found really helpful, I'll definitely let you guys know as well But I'm feeling pretty confident I'm glad I have it all here versus having to send out my husband or my dad to the store, or wait for Amazon Even though we have Prime, doesn't really matter Instead of having to wait, we'll have it all here

So I'm feeling pretty good about the postpartum section So thanks for watching, and I'll talk to you soon Bye

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