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Adrenal Fatigue causing Post Partum Depression

Adrenal Fatigue causing Post Partum Depression
13 Aug

This is Dr Lam, founder of DrLam

com Today we are going to talk about post-partum fatigue and depression Now first let us take a step back and understand, as far as the body is concerned, pregnancy is about a giant foreign object that the body is not used to, so the body has to go through tremendous accomodation to accept this forgein baby Now over a nine month period the body goes through a tremendous change, and usually the body draws now on the existing reserves in order to supply to nutrients in order to accomodate the baby If the body's nutrient is not strong, or insufficient, then the body will dip into this reserve as well as emergency measures to try to make it through the pregnancy

If a person is young, this can result in normal delivery, but the problem is that after the delivery the body is simply just strange; it is energy low, it is devoid of the vital nutrients to continue so the body essentially enters into a crashed state in order to conserve energy So post-partum crashes, or post-partum fatigue, is very common for people who already have some preexisting consitutional weakness in their body; preexisting adrenal fatigue in the system They could also have a very tough pregnancy, so these are all possibilities that can lead to a post-partum crash but unfortunately adrenal fatigue is seldom considered We deal with a lot of people who have this problem and we take the time to build up the body not only to ensure smooth fertilization and implantation early on, and also to avoid miscarriages, and to avoid post-partum fatigue and depression and of course post-partum crashes This problem is very serious because we have many women who come to us and say since the delivery of my last child I have never been the same

I've never been able to get better since the crash, the question is why? The reason is because once you have a major crash the body needs the time to recoup and be nurtured back; so without that proper nurturing and the proper re-development of the body into a sustained and healthy state, then you go from one slump to another slump, one crash to another crash I use the example of a rubber band, if you keep stretching the rubber band too many times, it's very hard to recoup So we have to be very careful, we have to be cautious of the fact that post-partum fatigue and depression, yes there are many causes, but don't forget that adrenal fatigue is one of them and if you do have adrenal fatigue you can look back in your history and you can see often times a sequence of events; and the cascade starts oftentimes well before pregnancy or after the delivery and this is very common So by knowing that post-partum fatigue and slump is a trigger of adrenal fatigue help us to understand how the mechanism works, and how to gauge the recovery I hope you've enjoyed this video

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