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8 Funny Ways to Predict your Baby’s Gender

8 Funny Ways to Predict your Baby’s Gender
14 Nov

It’s a very fun and exciting process to predict your baby’s gender before they are born. You will find lots of old wives’ tale, which claim to be accurate in predicting your child’s sex. In some countries, knowing your baby gender is legal, but again, it would be great fun in guessing your baby’s gender before your ultrasound reveal it. ,

8 Funny Ways to Predict your Baby’s Gender

1 # What’s Your Pregnancy Glow Say (Girls Steal Pregnant Mother’s Glow)

If you start glowing and your skin looks fairer during your pregnancy period, then you could be having a Boy on the other hand, if your skin started to show dullness and skin tone becomes darker than you probably having a baby girl in your womb. As it is a very old saying that baby girl tends to suck their mother’s glow during pregnancy. Also increased Acne are also a sign that you are going to have a baby girl.

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2 # Shape of Baby Bump

According to old wives’ tales, if you are carrying high belly than you are going to have a Girl (Weight gain around the middle) and in case of Low Belly (weight just in the front) it would be a Boy. Many people who you meet during your pregnancy would predict your baby’s gender based on our baby bump.

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3 # Heart Rate

The baby heart rate is also a tried and tested method to predict baby’s gender,  as per the old wives’ tales, if the Baby Heart Beats faster than 140/ minute, it’s definitely a Girl.

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4 # Lots of Mood Swings

If you are having very less irritating pregnancy days and most of the time your mood is good, then you will be having a baby Boy, but in case you have lots of Mood Swings and you feels irritated all the time then, it’s going to be a baby girl.

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5 # Gold Ring (Pendulum Test)

It’s one of the oldest Indian Style for Gender prediction, which is tried and tested many times by pregnant ladies. Take a gold ring tied with a long string and move it over your pregnant belly, if the thread swings in a circle, it’s a boy and if it swings to and for it’s a girl.

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6 # Change in your Body Temperature

When you are pregnant with a girl you will start feeling hot and sweaty all the time and just opposite (cold and icy). Many people say that Season when a baby is conceived can also play an important role in deciding whether it’s going to be a Boy or a Girl.

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7 # Check Your Cravings

When Pregnant Lady craves for sweets then it’s a sign that you may have a Girl and if you suddenly started liking salty and protein rich food that is a clear indication that you are going to have a baby boy.

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8 # Having Frequent Headaches During your Pregnancy

If you started experiencing frequent headaches during your pregnancy, it could be a sign of having a Boy, (because boys are going to create lots of mess for mothers and mothers will go crazy running around them).

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