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6 Ways To Train Your Toddlers To Make Them Brush Daily

6 Ways To Train Your Toddlers To Make Them Brush Daily
26 Nov

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Right Age for Toddler to Start Brushing?

6 Ways To Train Your Toddlers To Make Them Brush Daily

How to Brush Your TODDLER Teeth (Step-By-Step Guide)?

What is a Right Age for Toddler to Start Brushing their Teeth?

You can start to clean your baby’s teeth as soon as the first tooth appears. Training of brushing own teeth should start as soon as your baby turns 2 years, as your child knows how to spit the water while brushing. But the biggest danger at this age is that babies start to eat toothpaste which is not good for them.

According to Experts best to start regular brushing is when your child turns 3 years , when your toddler is smart enough to understand the meaning of brushing and can clean his own teeth’s properly.

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1 # Make it an Everyday affair: 

Our kids learn almost everything from us, so we need to start showing him that you yourself are brushing your teeth every day. You need to spare some time in the every morning make brushing looks so important . If you are lucky enough to have an elder sibling than 90% work is already done younger kids always imitate older siblings and picks up brushing automatically.

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2 # Make it a First Thing in the Morning:

It’s important that your child should understand that brushing is something which we must do the first thing in the morning everyday. Sometime in initial days some child tries to skip brushing in the morning, so we can let them skip this in the morning, but remind them later that they skipped that in the morning so he should do now. Which will help them understand that this something which cannot be skipped.

3 # Make it a Fun Time:

Kids quickly adapt anything, which is taught in a fun and enjoyable way. So we need to make whole teeth brushing experience a funny affair to develop the interest of kids in the same, otherwise after 2/3 days kids will not find it interesting and will start skipping same. Also make sure the mirror is positioned at kids height so that he can see himself brushing just like you do

Keep talking to your child or sing together some rhymes related to brushing like “ Brush Brush Brush Your Teeth, Brush it every day! Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Brush it every day!”

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4 # Buy Colorful Brush and Toothpaste:

Buy some colorful and attractive brush for your toddler in fact, let your toddler choose his own brush in a mall like iron man, Spiderman, Hulk, mini mouse, Disney etc. Choose toothpaste having strawberry/ tasty flavor having good taste. Please note that, till the age of 3, parents should supervise their toddler brushing and help them learn the right way to brush their tithes

5 # Show Cartoons related to Brushing and Daily Hygiene:

Parents can take a great advantage from Online Rhymes/ videos related to brushing. It can really help parents to build their interest in brushing. You can show  videos made for brushing like ‘this is the way we brush our teeth’ or ‘brush your teeth up and down, brush your teeth round and round, brush your teeth from left and right’you can find plenty on YouTube.

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6 # Keep it Short and Quick:

Just don’t linger on, as a toddler does not have patience. It’s important to make it short and quick. So, they don’t get bored and in the back of their mind, it gets fed that, brushing only take 2 minutes.


The Important Thing to Remember 

(Step-By-Step Guide)?

> Most important thing is to choose toothpaste without fluoride contents, especially for kids between 18 months to 6 years of age.

> Buy a brush specifically made for Toddlers with soft bristles.

> Always Brush in front of a mirror.

> Let your toddler do brush by his own and teach him to brush with particular movements like up and down for front teeth, To and Fro for jaws. Circular movement etc, always give him demo of doing correctly

> Tell your toddler to spit out the toothpaste after brushing, by showing him how doing it .

> Encourage your toddler to brush everyday, at least for 2 times like first thing in the morning and before going to bed.

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