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15 New Age Gadgets for Brain Development in Kids

15 New Age Gadgets for Brain Development in Kids
27 Nov

New Age Gadgets for Kids. We parents always think that new age device like tablets, mobile phones and gadget will only harm our kids , but when used properly these devices can act as a catalyst in positive development of kids and their IQ.

Only key is to understand when, how and duration for which that particular gadget should be used.We parent should encourage our kids to take up new things even gadgets and know their proper use , not only it will excite  their thought process, but also self monitoring of limited and time bound usage will make them more disciplined in life.

We should only act as guiding light for these young minds let them explore new evolving world freely.

1 # Anki Cozmo, A Fun, Educational Toy Robot for Kids

Customer Reviews:

Price: $ 118.97

> Easy to Use Out of the Box & So Cute! : Between a birthday and Christmas, we ended up with a Cozmo, Dash/Dot and Lego Boost set for our 5.5 and 7 yo daughters. Cozmo is one of the favorites in our house amongst all of those products. It’s a Perfect New Age Gadgets for kids.

> one will be popular for days, weeks, months, maybe even years!! My 11 year old (young at heart) loved this Christmas gift. The first day he opened it, it took about 10 minutes to charge and he was off and running. He completely figured it out on his own and had hours of fun with it. Money well-spent, in my opinion.

> Cozmo is a lot of fun. The genius of Cozmo is bringing a “cartoon” character into the real world. By combining a cute little ‘bot with an infinitely expressive but simple video screen, you’ve got a droid right out of a Star Wars movie, running around your desk, playing games, interacting with its cubes, and exploring the world on its own. #babymommytime

New Age Gadgets

2 # Kindle Oasis E-reader – 7″ High-Resolution Display, Waterproof, 8 GB, Wi-Fi (International Version)

Customer Reviews:

Price: $ 269.99

> Love the new kindle oasis – being able to turn off the touch screen and use the buttons is the best function ever. No more accidental page turns or annoying pop ups from accidental taps of the screen, easy to read in one hand again. Waterproofing is a bonus and this device is finally getting back to the original kindle keyboard reading experience that was destroyed by the touch screen. #babymommytime

> I’ve always said my biggest wishes for Kindle were a 7″ screen, waterproof [!!!!] and physical page turn buttons. This is hands down the best Kindle-best ereader period-Ive ever used. Ive seen complaints about how slippery it is but I have no problem holding onto it (New Age Gadgets)

New Age Gadgets

3 # All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal

Customer Reviews:
Price: $ 179.99

> Yes, you need this upgrade : I have several of the Alexa devices (kindle, dots, spots, echo, original show) this device is different for 2 reasons, speakers and size of screen. This is a great kitchen companion. The screen is large enough to view from across the room. Before adding an ingredient to a dish, you can confirm the measurement without walking away from the stove, bowl, mixer e.t.c. It has great speakers so you can fill the room with sound as you prepare your gourmet dish. I am hesitant about putting it in the bedroom, video calling :). When I purchased my show, Amazon offered a free smart light bulb. I wish they would bring back that offer. Not that I would buy another show, but it might help others purchase one, if they were considering having a smart home.
The new Echo Show is a must have!!!!!!

> Very glad I waited for the 2nd generation : When I first saw the Echo Show Gen 1, I was on the fence of getting it. Looked promising but the screen was a bit small for the price tag. Glad I waited for Gen 2! The screen on this thing is beautiful. Full HD and vibrant colors. I’m amazed that I can watch my Prime shows and it looks great. I also love the lyrics on the screen for Amazon Music. Sometimes I just want a solo karaoke session in my kitchen.

New Age Gadgets

4 # All-New Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet, 10.1″ 1080p Full HD Display, 32 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case

Customer Reviews:
Price: $ 249.98

> My 4 year old love her new New FreeTime 10th edition. She previously had the 7th edition and I can say that the difference is quite big I’m glad I upgraded her!

> This thing is amazing! It is definitely big, but so light and we’ll made. Great for movies and apps! My 2 year old can even navigate it well! My 5 year old loves it, so does mom! Fast and so many great books, apps and shows! Not cheesy ones, the ones you would pay for! Very fast and I put only what I want on the boys profiles. Actually just bought a second one yesterday! New Age Gadgets

New Age Gadgets

5 # Osmo Genius Kit for Fire Tablet

Customer Reviews:

Price: $ 69.99

> I love this for my 5 year old son who is also autistic. he loves the ipad and I needed him to have more interactive things to do on it. So I bought this.

> Absolutely incredible for kids… and makes adults want to try : One of the most ingenious and cleverly designed learning tools I’ve ever seen. It’s very easy to set up, the games are intuitive and build from easy to hard, and the interface is beautiful. The kids want to use it every day and I’m in my 30s and do too!

> purchased this as a Christmas Gift for my 8 yr old daughter. Wow! What a hit! Finally something we can both agree on. She loves the drawing the best, math is her second favorite, third is the tangram game. The word game is good too but she has dyslexia (which is why we bought this module) and it does create frustration for her.

New Age Gadgets

6 # i-Poster My USA Interactive Map

Customer Reviews:

Price: $ 39.99

> Love this map it’s Informative and fun for the entire family.You can select for the map to share info with you, or check your knowledge with different quiz options which also have level settings easy to difficult. The information is divided into capital cities, population, fun facts, ect…. so your child can choose what they want to learn. It is large, 36 x 24, so you see everything well and it can be used on the floor or hung on the wall. We were impressed with the overall quality its made of thick plastic and it works really well. There’s another map that has countries on it we plan to buy next.

> This is a colorful map for kids to learn where they live, and how many states we traveled before and difference about every state. My boys are going to plan our next vacation using this map; they will pick the states they most interested in and we will have a family trip to really see what we learn in the map. The map is easy to use by kids and also easy to clean when kids spill juice. Good quality product, we love it! New Age Gadgets

New Age Gadgets

7 # Colored Wooden Blocks Stacking Board Games for Kids Ages 4-8 with 51 Pieces

Customer Reviews:

Price: $ 29.99

> I’m impressed with the quality. Really cute game for my kids to learn with. Its multipurpose too. You can roll the dice then pull the corresponding block and place it back ontop until it tips over, or you can use the cards as a guessing game,guess whats on the card then pull that block or use it like dominos. So fun! 🙂

> My daughter loves it. She said it is more intereating than Jenga. It is very colorful and also attracts my eight month old son’s attention. I believe he will start playing with it soon with my older daughter. Very worthwhile purchase.

New Age Gadgets

8 # Hasbro Monopoly Game

Customer Reviews:

Price : $ 10.00

> When my kids first asked for this game I was a little concerned about the message it might send, but after buying it and playing it all my qualms are gone. We had SO much fun playing this! The laughs were endless and the way it’s setup it doesn’t take hours to get through like a standard Monopoly game. Definitely a must have for family game night. #babymommytime

> Arrived in perfect condition and was a blast to play. Even if one of the kids rage quits. It’s okay to beat your kids at a board game. I swear, they will live through it and eventually kick your *** at the game.

New Age Gadgets

9 # Mini Drones for Kids and Adults

Customer Reviews:

Price : $ 39.99

> The coolest thing ive bought ever! Charges quick, calibrates super easy (read the instructions please). You must remove 2 “travel screws” that keeps the drone safe during shipment.
I got the silver and will totally get the red & blue as well. I see these becoming super collectable so I’m getting all colors released in the future. Anyway, unpack, charge, calibrate, making sure the green light is on just simply drop (do not toss) the drone and thats it, instant fight no remote.
This thing just starts exploring your whole living space! You do nothing! You can manipulate flight pattern by putting your hand close to the drone during flight.
By far coolest product ever!
Got mine…get yours!

> My 8 year old loves playing with this drone. She places it in her palm and up it goes. It senses when it’s near the ceiling/light fixtures and moves away on it’s own.

New Age Gadgets

10 # Dash Robot Coding for Kids 6+

Customer Reviews:

Price : $ 112.99

> My 5-year old daughter and my 11-year old son both enjoy Dash (and my husband and I do, too). There are many different apps you can use to control Dash in different ways. It’s a wonderful introduction to robotics/programming. Worth every penny.

> (Bought this for a 5 year old) Absolutely OUTSTANDING product. As both a creative lead and tech developer, my personal standards for these types of devices is quite high and this little thing has not only met every expectation and promise, but exceeded them. In a world flooded with mediocre (or outright horrible) iterations of educational scientific / tech / STEM toys, it is incredibly satisfying to land on a product so well designed and constructed in every aspect of its envelope. MAJOR props to the teams behind the Dash. I cannot recommend it enough, both my 5 year old and myself find the device challenging and fun to use; a very difficult thing to accomplish.

New Age Gadgets

11 # MindWare Q-BA-Maze 2.0 Rails (104 Piece)

Customer Reviews:

Price: $59.95

> This was the big Christmas present this year for my four year old daughter.
-My daughter loves it and has spent hours and hours playing with it
-Grown-ups love playing with it, too
-It has it all as far as fun tricks

> This is ridiculously fun! I got it for my 5 year old, knowing his 12 and15 year old brothers would be the masterminds and it is a HUGE HIT! My 5 year old can make some smaller, less complex towers, but totally gets the concept. If they are good at making train tracks and puzzles, they will love this.

New Age Gadgets

12 # Smart Watch with Pedometer Camera Electronic Learning Toy

Customer Reviews:

Price : $ 42.98

> I bought this watch for my grandson who is 5 and he loves it. Especially the camera, awesome watch for a young kid

> Great product. I bought this for my 8 year old daughter for her birthday. She loves it – especially the camera/video feature. She loves taking pictures and videos and showing her friends. The watch is very durable and gives an accurate reading on counting steps. The quality of the picture could be better but overall happy with the product. I can call my daughter and track her on the GPS and don’t worry about her being in danger. We can also enhance our relationship through micro chat

New Age Gadgets
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13 # Hand -Cool Light Device for Your Hands&Fingers to Navigate The Dark (Spy Collection)

Customer Reviews:
Price : $ 17.99

> He sleeps in it! That is how awesome this is.

> I don’t think my grandson had taken it off since he got it!!! 👍 I don’t think my grandson had taken it off since he got it!!! 👍

> My five year old grandson just loves the spy gear stuff so this was great stuff to give to him to go with his spy belt and night mission goggles.

> My two grandchildren absolutely love the spyX device.

New Age Gadgets

14 # Walkie Talkies for Kids ( Long Range Ingenious Communication Gadget)

Customer Reviews:

Price : $ 27.98

> Its needs 3X AA for each walkie . good size for my 8 yrs boy with his friend. Battery last long enough. very good price and easy to use.

> My grandson absolutely loves them.

> My children (2) ages 9 and 10, love running around the premises with this little toys, nimble but sturdy, very easy to operate, light weight. twice as good and half the cost of others that are catered to kids. no flaws, nothing bad to say, would buy another for my nieces and nephews.

New Age Gadgets

15 # Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set, Code for Kids – Toy of The Year Finalist

Customer Reviews:

Price: $ 52.36

> Our kids were super excited to get Botley the Coding Robot. We have a 3-year old, a 5-year old, and an 8-year old. They could hardly wait to get Botley out of his box.

> As a mom who likes to limit screen time, I’m ALWAYS looking for an educational but FUN toy to keep the kids busy. When I heard about Botley, with a completely screen-free code programming transmitter, I was intrigued. At the moment, I can’t think of another product out there that will help teach my kids about coding without being attached to a screen of some sort.

> My 5 yr. old son loves Botley! He has such a cute little voice and sounds so friendly. The set includes such a nice variety of pieces. You can use the 12 cubes and 8 rods to construct a maze that Botley can then be programmed to run through. New Age Gadgets for kids.

New Age Gadgets
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