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12 Amazing Benefits of Grandparents in our Children’s Lives

12 Amazing Benefits of Grandparents in our Children’s Lives
27 Oct

Kids living with their Grandparents are world’s Luckiest Kids. The Blessing of our Elder’s is something which cannot be compared with anything in the world like Money or Power.

I have got the chance to spend many summers and winters with my grandparents during my school holidays, which I always cherish. I am glad  that my daughter also getting  the chance to spend her time with her Grandparents and learning so much from them, which is making her a better person.

Having a grandparent in a kid’s life has its own magical benefits, which many parents do not understand. I agree, we all are very busy with our lives and maybe we do not have time to visit your parents on a regular basis. Next time before cancelling  trip to  your parent’s house, just look at your Child and realize that  you are preventing her/him from creating beautiful and fun memories for their lifetime


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# Kids develop patient when they spend time with their grandparents : Patient needs to be taught at an early age to Kids, especially these days, when they have so many options in front of them, and the do not want to wait. Grandparents, not only build patient with kids, but the same time they teach them to respect other people around them.

You must have noticed that, whenever kids demand for something or show tantrum in front of Grandparents, they very smoothly tell their Grandchildren, to wait for their turn or for some time. There can be many incidents, in which grandparents play an important role.

# They learn the art of affection: No one in the world, can love your child more than your parents does. Love, affection from their grandparents make them lovable person.

# They learn how to behave with older and younger people: Staying with Grandparents, will automatically teach them to how to respect people around them, whether they are elders or younger people. They will learn how to talk or behave in a proper way with others, especially with OLDER PEOPLE. The way grandparents talk to them like in calm and soft manner, this will help them to become a soft-hearted person later in life.

# Grandparents are full of knowledge which no google can match: Lots of hereditary knowledge, which may be as a Parent, you can also not give to your child, which they will learn from their Grandparents. Especially, knowledge related like how to the celebrate festivals, what all rituals generally followed by their respective caste & culture and some good information about the past history.

There are many things, which grandchildren can adopt from their grandparents nature and positive thinking. Parents should seriously consider, visiting their parents house with their kids more often, to give them positive energy and vibes from grandparents.

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# Grand parents can make them a better person in comparison to their Parents : Grandparents know what is the better version of your mom/dad and how they actually real behavior & personality our. Therefore, they will try to mold you into a better person than your own parents.

# Good eating habits: Grandparents can play a very important role, when it comes to building good eating habits in children. We all know, kids are very fussy about their eating styles, and for parents, it’s a big battle to fight everyday with their children, to get them to eat something healthy.

But, do you know that children who stay with their grandparents are always eating healthy food as compare to other kids. And, also they eat every variety of fruits and vegetables. Plus, they are lucky to taste their grandmother hand food, which are incomparable.

# Selflessness : this is something which kids learn from their bad friends and company. Grandparents are someone who teaches them the difference between the good and bad. To keep the kids away from Selflessness, grandparents teach them to share and accept the rejection, in a positive way.

It’s very challenging for parents raising selfless kids, as its take lots of efforts and planning. And grandparents can again play an important role in this.

# Nature Difference: Children who live with their grandparents are well-behaved, polished, confident, polite and well spoken, in comparison to other kids. And one of the biggest benefits is that have very cheerful and friendly nature. Also, they are not at all shy kids when they meet other people. On the contrary, they are more confident and optimistic.

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# Well Behaved Kids : Kids who live in nuclear family, have behavioral problem, stubbornness in the nature and always cranky. Where, kids staying with grandparents are always well-behaved, well-mannered and up-to-date.

Kids has so much to take from their grandparents that you cannot image. Lots of things which you cannot see right now, but later when your child will grow up you will notice the VALUES he or she has taken from their Grandparents.

# Emotionally Attached with their Parents: Grandparents love and affection is something which is vice versa, as they get the same unconditional love and affection from their Grandchildren. The love, fondness, feeling, sentiment, warmth, etc., kids gets from the Grandparents, they pass the same to their Parents. You will never find these kids keep on complaining and nagging about anything.  They will automatically learn to respect their parents and understand their problem and issues.

# Understand the meaning of Respect : Respect is, again something, we demand from our kids after an age group. But unfortunately, these days, kids are lacking behind in this category. They want everything from their parents, as they think it’s parents’, duty, but in return they never listen and follow their parents view points.

Respect is something, which cannot be taught, it can only be felt from inside for someone. Here, due to staying with Grandparents, they understand the values the of people around them and know to talk to them with respect, as grandparents always tell them to speak to people in a polite and loving manner.

# Over viewing in daytime: Please do not think that Grandparents role in your child life would be of Caretaker or Nanny. Not at all, they are your kids’ grandparents and your parents. You and your child are lucky to have them and you should always thank God for this.

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