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11 Must Haves Items in Your Baby Diaper Bag

11 Must Haves Items in Your Baby Diaper Bag
17 Nov
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Essentials Items for your Baby Diaper Bag

Extra Required List of Items

Quick Buying Guide for Essential Items to Carry in Baby Diaper Bag

 1 # Baby Backpack (also known as Diaper Bag):

Buying a good Baby Diaper Bag or Backpack, is not going to be an easy task. Its take parents lots of time in finding the perfect baby backpack, as per their requirement. Parents can easily wear them on their back while travelling or they can hang the diaper bag on their shoulder while going to relatives’ place.

Baby Backpack means, you put all the required items you may need for your baby, when you’re going out. It’s going to be a small bag, but full with all the important essential items for your baby.

2 # Diapers

For sure, no one leaves the house without taking Baby Diapers and put some extra diapers for emergency purpose. Buy the Diaper, as per your baby age, below the few options for you to choose from.

3 # Changing Mat for Diaper

 Buy a proper changing mat for your baby, which will provide you easy and quick change. It’s very important for parents, to keep in mind the hygiene factor too, and try to buy a small size changing mat, which will be easy for you to keep. These days, many reputed brands give free changing baby mat with diaper bag, and you can consider to buy the same, for saving more money.

4 # Small Bottle of Hand sanitizer

 You will require the Hand sanitizer for yourself and for baby use. After every diaper change, you need to use Hand sanitizer for hygiene. Plus, while travelling, it’s important to use it before eating anything from the Restaurants. Also, you will not find the neat and clean washroom on Road Journey.

5 # Baby Wipes

 Buy a travel pack of Baby wipes for your baby backpack. Always keep a middle size pack of wipes, it should not to be very small.

6 # Newspaper or Reusable Plastic

 Keep one or three newspapers in your baby backpack, to throw away the potty diaper in some garbage. Also, you can throw the leftover snacks or food after wrapping it in newspaper.

7 # Hot Water Flasks for Baby

You may require this product, for babies who are on bottle feeding (formula one). As, you will not get the good quality boiled water everywhere, especially while travelling.

8 # Baby Milk Bottle and Formula Powder

 If you are a breastfeeding mom, then be happy, as you don’t have to carry anything. But, for babies, who are on formula milk, then please make it sure that you keep the formula powder in some medium size container, with good locking cap. Its most essential item, which you and your baby need.

 9 # Baby Snacks or finger foods

 Always keep baby snacks and her favourite finger foods in a baby backpack, for emergency situation. In case you don’t find something good for your baby to eat, then these snacks can be a very helpful. Please remember that babies and toddlers are very fussy in their selection of food choice.

 10 # One Pair of Extra Clothes

 One pair of extra clothes, are most common essential items, you may require.  As, babies are unpredictable and they can do anything with their clothes. And, for these kind of situation you need extra baby clothes.

 11 # Mosquito repellent Patches for Babies

Keep this product, for your Baby safety from mosquito bites.

 +  Your Baby Favourite toys like raffle and a pacifier

+  Baby Medicines for fever, nasal congestion, cough and some bandages.

+  Hair clips or Hair Band to tie baby loose hairs.

+  Nursing cover for breastfeeding

+  Breast Pads for mothers to cope with leakage

+  Cloth to wrap baby in

+  Water Bottle

Baby Diaper Bag

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