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10 Super Fun Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf Return Letter

10 Super Fun Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf Return Letter
19 Nov

Jingleflower, our resident elf, is set to return in just a few short days. While I’m not an over the top Elf-on-the-Shelfer. (Although I’m fairly creative with the reasons why our elf hasn’t moved.) I love making Elf on the Shelf’s return a special moment for my kids. Here are 10 Super fun ideas for your Elf on the Shelf Return Letter.

Elf on Shelf Ideas

I had no idea that there were so many ideas out there for elf return letters. There are some extremely creative mommas out there who’ve created everything from customizable letters to letters that encourage acts of kindness. I’ve rounded up my favorite examples from around the internet so you don’t have to create your own. Cross one more thing off your holiday to-do list and pick your favorite elf on the shelf letter from the ones below.

Customizable letter from your elf

Elf On The Shelf Return Letter

This is an amazing thing! The people over at Printables4Mom have created a format where you can make customizable letters from your elf to your children. Just visit Printables4Mom, plug in your info and print! They even offer an email option if you don’t have access to Word to edit their letter.

Use this cute stationery

Elf On The Shelf Return Letter

East Coast Mommy not only offers adorable Elf on the Shelf ideas but she designed her own stationery too. She lets you download her stationary and gives you the text she uses in her letter each year. There’s nothing better than having all the work done for you!

A letter plus Elf notes!

Elf On The Shelf Return letter

Yummy Mummy Kitchen created the cutest rhyming letter and has elf notes to match. I love that not only can you borrow her creative letter but she includes little notes for you to use all season long. You can download both here.

Take it from the experts

Elf On The Shelf Return Letter

The Elf on the Shelf creators themselves has a website full of ideas. There are Elf on the Shelf return letters, there are printables, there are dog cookie recipes. Your elf can even return on a red carpet as the kids read their letter from the elf-experts. The possibilities are endless!

Short and simple

Elf On The Shelf Return Letter

The people at Coupons Are Great to have a short and sweet printable you can use for your elf’s return this season. They even take the guesswork out of places for your elf to go each night and offer a calendar of ideas for your hazy holiday mind. Download both printables here.

A letter and breakfast plans

Elf On Shelf

Jen, the super creative mom behind The Suburban Mom not only have an adorable printable that you can use but she also shares her elf breakfast ideas. Pair the two together and your elf’s return will be an occasion you’ll all remember. Print Jen’s letter and see her breakfast plans here.

An official Elf on the Shelf  Return Letter

Elf On The Shelf Return Letters

Spaceships and Laserbeams has a countless number of Elf on the Shelf return letter, resources and ideas. One of my favorites things they offer is their elf return letter because it sounds so official. Santa could have written it himself! Make sure you spend some time browsing the page where you can download their letter printable because it’s full of other amazing elf ideas!

A Christmas contract

Elf on Shelf

The genius blogger behind A Little Moore created a Christmas contract for your kids to fill out when their elf arrives. So much better than just saying “Santa is watching!” 350 times a day! You can get her contract here.

Toy donation letter

Elf on The Shelf Return Letter

How creative is this? Coupons Are Great is back with another invaluable idea. With this printable, your elf returns with instructions for your kids to donate toys they aren’t using anymore. If you can’t get them to part with those unused toys their elf definitely can!

Printable poem

Elf On The Shelf Return Letter

If you’re out of words that rhyme Lil’ Luna has written this adorable poem as a Elf on the Shelf return letter for your elf. I love when people are creative and make it easy for me to borrow their ideas! Print this cute poem here.

No matter what letter you choose to have fun with your elf’s return this year. I know not everyone loves moving that stinker every night. Some might even be planning on faking a broken elf leg to keep him in one spot. But your children will remember this tradition. You can put as little or as much effort into your elf’s return as you have time for. Your kids will be happy as long as he shows up for one more year of magic!

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