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10 Side Effects of Parental Separation and Divorce on Children

10 Side Effects of Parental Separation and Divorce on Children
31 Oct

Parental Separation has the biggest impact of their Child’s life. Children are too small to understand the word separation and divorce. Some Parents are so disturbed during their separation period, that they forget to give attention to their Child, which can lead them to depression and sadness.

Both the Parents need to tactical this situation very carefully, so that it doesn’t harm their child’s growth and behavior. Please remember that divorce doesn’t only affect the two people involved in the marriage, but it affects the whole Family and Child’s Future. It’s very important for parents, to tell their child in advance about their divorce for sure, otherwise, if they heard the news from outsiders, it will affect them most. 

Parents can also try to get their children involved in some good outdoor sports or buy them their favorite toys and gears, to keep them happy and to divert their mind.

There are many ways parents can handle this solution, but before taking any further steps, kindly remember to take care of below points, as your separation and divorce can change your Child’s whole life and personality.

1 # Emotional Disorder:

Parental Separation and Divorce, both deeply and directly affect the child’s life and lead them to go through emotional disorder. Already, they are going through a very bad phase in their life and due to which they start feeling lonely, isolated, unloved and unwanted.

Parents, need to give extra attention to their children at this stage, otherwise it can further lead to personality disorders, anxiety disorders,  emotional disturbances, etc., in your child. Children going through emotional disorder are highly impulsive and maybe they can get violent. This can seriously affect their health and mind, which can make them a very sensitive and emotional child.

Advice :

Openly talk to your child and discuss with him, the reasons behind your separation. Do not hide the facts from them, as it will make them more mentally and emotionally sick. If possible, both the parents should, together, talk to their child and try to explain the matter. Parental Separation is extremely painful for children. 

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2 # Drug Abuse:

It has been seen, that children from broken families are more like to attract towards drug abuse. Finding drugs, these days is not difficult for children and adolescents in most communities and due to easy availability, children are getting habitual. Children who are getting isolated from their families, or going through parental separation are more likely to get into Drugs.

Advice :

Parents need to keep an eye on their child behavior and patterns. In case you notice anything abnormal in your child behavior like he or she doesn’t sit with you anymore, coming late at night and avoiding you completely, then for sure you need to get the situation resolved by yourself at the earliest or take some expert help. Parental Separation is a highly stressful and emotional experience for everyone in the family.

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3 # Improper Eating Habits:

This can be a first sign, that parents can notice in their child behavior. Emotionally disordered children, usually do not like to change their eating habits and routines. They get very choosy and fussy about their food choices. This eating habits can lead to sudden change in their weight loss or gain. Plus, their sleeping pattern will be also changed or disturbed.

Advice :

Parents need to tactical their children very smartly and calmly, try to spend as much as time you can and especially at lunch or dinner time. Have a light and fun-loving conversation with them. And make or order foods, which make them happy. In short, just take care of your child eating habits.

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4 # Behaviour Problem:

Lots of mood swings, anger and distress, will be one of the signs of your child behavior problem. Your child will suddenly become very rigid and stubborn, and start throwing unwanted tantrums and the reason behind doing this only getting their parents’ attention. Parental Separation brings unwanted conflict situation, which 100% left the bad impact on children.

Advice :

Parents need to closely monitor their child behavior, otherwise it can affect his personality and attitude. Maybe the in future, parents may go through a disrespect situation from their child. Having a positive conversation and attention, can again become a key for parents to overcome this problem.

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5 # Academic Performance :

Your child will start refusing to go school, due to embarrassment he has to face in front of his friends. This stress and situation will affect his academic performance. He will start making a distance from his friends and teachers, or maybe take a back seat. In both the situation, your child is in distress and not in a good situation. His learning capacity will be soon gone and he will end up at losing numbers in his paper. Impact of Parental Separation on child’s school performance is very normal, but it needs both the parents’ attention to overcome it.

Advice :

Parents should get themselves involved in their child’s school life. Keep asking him about his day at school and what else in going on. Talk to them about their friends and teachers, try to have light conversation, make some good jokes and ask about his school life. Just keep an eye, what your child is doing in school, it’s extremely important to see that he is not attending the school or not, and not joining any bad people group.

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6 # Social Disconnect :

Generally children going through parental separation, are mostly diagnosed with anti-social behaviors. They start getting themselves, disconnected from the dear ones and socially. Suddenly you find your child making himself isolated from the society and other family members. He will not like to talk or face any body or may start throwing tantrums or lying.

Advice :

Parents need to give their extra time, love and care for their child at this time. Don’t leave your child alone for a few seconds also. Keep him busy with extra curriculum activities after school, or any one of you, whether mom and dad, try to spend some quality time with him.

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7 # Depression :

Parental separation is a big enough reason for your child to get into depression. The feeling of loneliness and sad, are the biggest reason behind children getting depressed. Depression is not a health problem, but yes it can affect your child brain and mind.

It will not be easy for parents also, to give full attention to their child at this point, as you’re also going through very bad phase of your life. But, this cannot be an excuse, as your child needs your support and love. Children are very soft from the heart and they cannot go through so much trauma.

Advice :

Don’t leave your child alone and try to spend as much time as you can. One of you, always try to be there for him.

8 # Tension about Parents Remarriage :

Once the parents are separated, your child’s mind start giving them a tension about his parents remarriage or affairs. He starts getting a bad dream about their parent’s remarriage and he starts thinking that, maybe his both the parents will forget him and move into their new life, without him. This tension and trauma, is actually affecting your child mental state.

Advice :

Don’t ignore your child after separation or divorce, give him full attention, love, care and affection. Don’t change your behavior towards him. And do not disrespect and abuse each other in front of your child.

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9 # Feeling Neglected from Both the Parents :

It’s very common for children from broken families to feel neglected. There is nothing much, can be done in this case, as this full trauma for your child is not easy to digest. He will take his time, or maybe he will never ever able to get over this problem. It’s totally depend on parents, how they take care of the situation and make it easy for their child to understand.

Advice :

Your child just need warmth, supervision, love and care. Don’t neglect your child after separation, giving your time is going to be a best key to your child heart.

10 # Self Blame :

When parents announce to their children that they are separating or divorcing, the children will assume that it is their fault, which is actually not true. But in the back of his mind, he makes his own story and start blaming himself, for the situation. Self blame can make your child disconnected from you for forever. Children easily lose their temper very early and argue a lot with others.

Advice :

Its important for parents to be open and tell the right reason behind your separation. Make yourself clear in front of your child and answer all his questions.

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